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Workplace Sexual Harassment & The Law


At its core, sexual harassment is concerned with the exercise of power and in the main reflects the power relations that exists both in society generally and specifically within a particular workplace Campbell Scientific Africa (Pty) Ltd v Adrian Simmers & 2 others [Labour Appeal Court: Case number CA14/2014]


Workplace sexual harassment is perhaps the most common form of workplace unfair discrimination.

All too often, employers do not appreciate their obligations when it comes to the management of potential or actual sexual harassment. This e-course will fully equip students with the knowledge and insight on what is required of employers in managing workplace sexual harassment, and introduce them to all relevant legislation which deals with employer statutory obligations when managing sexual harassment, including the Code of Good Practice on the Handling of Sexual Harassment Cases in the Workplace.

This e-course answers critically important questions such as ‘what is the definition of sexual harassment?’, ‘what are employers required to do to avoid workplace sexual harassment?’; ‘does an employer need to draft a sexual harassment policy?’; ‘what steps must an employer take when investigating alleged sexual harassment?’; ‘to what extent must sexual harassment be addressed in a company disciplinary code?’.

At the end of each module, students have the opportunity to test their understanding and comprehension of the e-course material in a carefully constructed module assessment exercise.


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