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  • Code Of Good Practice On The Prevention & Elimination Of Harassment In The Workplace

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    The Code of Good Practice on the Prevention & Elimination of Harassment in the Workplace (“the Code”) repeals the Amended Code of Good Practice on the Handling of Sexual Harassment Cases in the Workplace (2005), published under Government Notice No. 1357 in Government Gazette 27865 of 4 August 2005, and is effective from 18 March 2022.  The Code is also published in terms of Section 54(1) of the Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act No. 55 of 1998).

    The Code highlights and focuses on four primary forms of violence and harassment, namely:

    • Sexual violence & harassment
    • Racial, ethnic & social violence & harassment
    • Violence & harassment on account of a protected disclosure or whistleblowing
    • Workplace bullying

  • Managing Trade Unions in SA

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    What rights do employers have when their staff join a trade union which then contacts the company demanding certain rights.  This practical e-course answers this question and many more, with reference to case law.  This interactive e-course explains everything employers need to know about shop steward rights, when trade unions must be allowed to enter a workplace, when employers must deduct union susbcriptions, and all aspects of employer rights when faced with a unionised workplace.

  • Workplace Misconduct Discipline & Dismissal

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    Extensive research, backed up with in excess of 30-years of experience in managing workplace discipline, has gone into the development of this material. Great care has been taken to structure the content in a way that it enables you, the student, to understand the steps to be followed as a role-player in a disciplinary process.