Introduction to the Labour Relations Act

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The Labour Relations Act covers a vast amount of individual and collective labour relations subjects, from dismissal to strikes, and much, much more.


The Labour Relations Act deals with a whole range of critical individual and collective labour law matters.

This workshop gives students key insight into unfair labour practices, unfair dismissal, the formation and rights of trade unions, industrial action (strikes and lockouts), and SA’s labour dispute resolution institutions such as the CCMA and the labour courts.

This workshop includes step-by-step, practical guidelines on the day-to-day management of an employer’s relationship with a trade union, highlighting the rights of trade unions and employers alike.

This e-course answers critically important questions such as ‘what rights, if any, must employers grant a trade union?’; ‘what rights do shop stewards have?’; ‘when may a trade union strike?’; ‘is it possible to dismiss striking workers?’; ‘how does the CCMA work?’; ‘what is an unfair labour practice?’. In addition, this e-course includes numerous references to important landmark case law relating to various aspects of the Act, and at the end of each module, students have the opportunity to test their understanding and comprehension in a carefully constructed module assessment exercise.


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